Ember King Vesta Award

About Ember King

Ember King hearth pads are made by AJ Manufacturing, LLC, a family-owned business established in 1996 to respond to the growing need for safe, high quality floor protection for wood and pellet stoves. From the beginning owners Jim & Pam Bellavance have been committed to producing the best possible products at competitive prices. From humble beginnings AJ has grown to be a premier manufacturer of floor protectors for hearth products in the United States. Our award winning Ember King hearth pads are a new offering of floor protection pads made by AJ Manufacturing.

The Strength of Steel

Our Ember King hearth pads are made from 10 gauge plate steel which is attractively sculpted to enhance the look of your heating appliance or fireplace insert.

Quality Finish

Our hearth pads are chemically treated and then powder coated with a polyester texturized powder and then cured in our oven to give a hard scratch resistant finish.

UL Listed

Our Ember King hearth pads have been approved and listed to insure that you are receiving a product you can trust to be safe in your home. UL representatives are continuously inspecting our products for your safety.

All AJ Manufacturing products are proudly manufactured in the United States. All Ember King hearth pads are available throughout the continental United States.